About ARTi Contemporary Art Gallery

Where Passion Meets Precision and Creativity Knows No Bounds

ARTi Gallery is so much more than an art gallery! In addition to hosting exhibitions for local and international artists, we have an accompanying shop that sells high-end interior furnishings and décor.

There’s an art to curating a home, and our combined gallery and showroom allow your imagination to run wild. Original artwork and limited-edition prints must be paired with interior elements that are designed and crafted with the same attention to detail as the pieces you hang and display. From cohesive to eclectic, our collections are curated with this in mind.

We prioritise South African artists and interior artisans but also feature luxurious pieces from international artists and artisans.

In addition to our Klerksdorp gallery and shop, we are a fixture in the local art community. From our monthly workshops to our ARTi Gallery Art Competition (AGAC) and partnering with other galleries to keep art culture alive.

Whether you’re a collector looking for old master artwork and unique pieces, or an artist of any age or medium—there’s something for you at ARTi Gallery!

The Artist Behind It All

Robert Thirtle

ARTi Gallery is the vision of Artist and Gallery Founder Robert Thirtle. Robert’s lifelong passion for painting was sparked in 1987 at the tender age of 8 years young. In Grade 2, he and his sister took his work to the streets of Bethlehem. They sat on the sidewalk selling his paintings for 20c each, enough to buy a bread.

Fast forward to 2004, and his love for the transformative power of art, luxury, and aesthetics took Robert to the Sheffield School of Interior Design in New York.

His mission was to seamlessly blend art and interior design to create beautiful, functional, and inspired spaces. Over the next 16 years, Robert worked for an international architect firm and launched Bob’s Interiors. Realising that his clients wanted both design services and luxurious furniture and home décor, Bob’s Interiors evolved into Free State Interiors and Bedroom Boutique.

In 2022, Robert blended these endeavours into one cohesive concept—ARTi Gallery. This fusion of artistic expression is a harmonious masterpiece of the mediums that make his heart sing—art, interior design, décor, and high-end furniture. His art gallery and community initiatives serve as a haven for art collectors, South African artists, and international artists.

Robert’s passion for painting remains, but he continues to explore and expand his skill set and creativity by working in Oil, Acrylic, Soft Pastels, Charcoal, Multimedia, Graphic Design, Lino Prints, and Canvas Prints.

  • Robert Thirtle

    Owner, Interior Designer, Curator, and Artist

  • Michelle Thöle

    Competition and Media Marketing Coordinator

  • Alletta

    Gallery Assistant


    Garden Engineer