Triumphs of AGAC 2023

Reflecting on the Triumphs of AGAC 2023: A Prelude to AGAC 2024


In 2023, ARTi Gallery set the stage for artistic brilliance through the ARTi Gallery Art Competition (AGAC), celebrating a diverse spectrum of talents across South Africa. From young visionaries to seasoned creators, AGAC 2023 became a pivotal moment for artists and the art community alike, showcasing a remarkable array of interpretations and skills under the theme "Re-imagine an Old Master".


Celebrating Our Finalists

The journey from the top 100 to the distinguished top 25 finalists was a testament to the extraordinary talent we have in our midst. The finalists, spanning across various categories including paintings, sketches, sculptures, and digital art, exemplified creativity and innovation, inspired by the masters of yesteryears. Each artist, through their unique lens, contributed to a vibrant mosaic of contemporary art that resonated with audiences and critics alike. Discover more about our Top 50 | 100 Finalists and the esteemed Finalists who have marked their names in AGAC's history.


A Salute to Our Winners

The AGAC 2023 gala event was not just a celebration of artistic achievement but a gathering of minds united by their passion for art. It was here that the top talents were honored, including the winners of our Primary School, High School, and Digital Art categories, whose works promise a bright future for South African art. Their achievements and the artwork of all our winners will be prominently featured here, serving as an enduring inspiration.



Adjudication with Integrity

At the heart of AGAC's success lies the impartial and discerning eyes of our adjudicators. Esteemed artists and professionals in their own right, they brought depth, fairness, and a keen sense of artistry to the judging process. Learn about the adjudication process and meet the AGAC 2023 Adjudicators who helped shape the outcome of this competition.


Gratitude to Our Sponsors

AGAC 2023 would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors and partners, who share our vision of fostering artistic talent and community. Their commitment has been instrumental in providing a platform for artists to shine and for art to be celebrated. A special thanks to our sponsors and backing partners for their unwavering support.

Looking Ahead: AGAC 2024

As we reflect on the successes of AGAC 2023, we turn our gaze to the horizon and the opportunities that AGAC 2024 holds. We invite artists of all backgrounds and mediums to step forward and share their vision with us. Whether you're a returning competitor or new to the AGAC family, your art has a home here. Ready to embark on this journey? Enter AGAC 2024 and be a part of the legacy.



AGAC 2023 was a chapter of inspiration, discovery, and celebration, setting the stage for the next iteration of this exciting competition. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all participants and winners, whose works continue to enrich the tapestry of South African art. As we look forward to AGAC 2024, we remain committed to unearthing and elevating the voices of artists across the nation, fostering a vibrant and inclusive art community.

Join us in this ongoing celebration of art and creativity. Enter AGAC 2024, and let's continue to make dreams come true in the world of art.