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AGAC Digital Art Winner - Monte Baunk - Maybe Nothing Matters

AGAC Digital Art Winner - Monte Baunk - Maybe Nothing Matters

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 Digital Art Winner in the AGAC 2023

- Artist: Monte Baunk

- Name: Maybe Nothing Matters

- Size:  2930 mm x 1530 mm 

- Medium: Digitally created using ProCreate using the giclee process on unstretched canvas

- Framed

- Price: R18,200

Arno du Toit is a Digital Artist, and he has been awarded as the Winner in the Digital Art Category in the ARTi Gallery Art Competition 2023!

About this piece:

The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci re-imagined. We see the same iconic scene unfolding, yet these two artworks are polar opposites. An all-male cast of holy men are replaced with a group of femme fatale from every corner of the earth (and beyond, if you look close enough). The artwork takes you to the center point of existence, where infinite dimensions meet. The woman are having whatever they desire, from lobster to McDonalds. 

Every character from the original Last Supper is depicted in "Maybe Nothing Matters" and they are all seemingly engaged in the same conversations and situations. I like to imagine that there  are infinite versions of every scenario, and some of the ones I dream up often become the subject matter for my art.

About the Artist: 

I've been creating art since I can remember and have experimented with a variety of mediums until December 16, 2020. That's the night I found a style I could call my own after creating an artwork on my iPad that broke all the rules. A piece unlike anything I've ever created. I named it 000—Epiphany, and essentially Monte Baunk was born. Since then, I've created 166 documented artworks under the pseudonym.

Using my iPad and Apple pencil as a tool to create, I paint alternate perspectives and unlikely scenarios. I create within a very specific colour palette, and my work gets produced as fine art giclée prints. Using Epson Ultra Chrome acid-free ink on Rembrandt Canvas.

Notable Moments:

A set of my first four artworks was sold for R35 000 on auction at Africa's very first NFT Art Auction, hosted by Momint in Cape Town, 2021.

I've participated in multiple group exhibitions in Linden and Illovo during 2022,

and during August–November 2023 I had my first solo exhibition called 'School's Out' at The Gallery Art Bar in Rosebank.

I worked on a pretty exciting commission for Zätix, a regulated cannabis company based in Los Angeles, California, earlier this year.

I have another collaboration in the works to create fashion like you've never seen before in 2024.

I have a few unreleased artworks that I cannot wait to share with the world.

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