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AGAC Digital Art Finalist - Rossi del Vino - Girl with the Pearl Necklace

AGAC Digital Art Finalist - Rossi del Vino - Girl with the Pearl Necklace

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Digital Art Finalist in the AGAC 2023

- Artist: Rossi del Vino

- Name: Girl with the Pearl Necklace

- Size:  1200 mm x 1000 mm 

- Medium: Flatbed printed on Acrylic 3 mm

- Framed

- Price: R8,450

Rossi del Vino is an Augmented Reality Digital Animator, Digital Artist and Video Editor, and he has been awarded as a Top 4 Finalist in the Digital Art Category in the ARTi Gallery Art Competition 2023!

About this piece: 

A contemporary re-imagining of "Girl with the Pearl Earring" features a captivating model adorned with an oversized, sensually suspended pearl necklace in a dimly lit, modern setting, evoking an alluring blend of classic elegance and provocative allure. 

This piece challenges norms and ignites curiosity about the intersection of tradition and modernity in the realm of desire and beauty.

About the Artist: 

I have a passion for the fascinating world of digital art, where imagination and technology collide to create mesmerising visual experiences. As a digital artist specialising in pop art, modern surrealism, and contemporary art, I invite you to embark on a journey through a realm where vibrant colours, captivating imagery, and augmented reality animation converge.

What sets my artwork apart is the seamless integration of augmented reality into the majority of my pieces. Through the power of technology, my creations come to life, transcending the boundaries of traditional art forms. Each stroke of my digital brush is infused with a touch of magic, unveiling hidden layers of meaning and captivating narratives that only reveal themselves once the art is complete.

Inspired by the enigmatic words of Salvador Dalí, I embrace the notion that the true essence of artistic influence lies within its mysterious nature. Sometimes, my artistic endeavors begin without a defined purpose or conscious influence. It is through the act of creation itself that the hidden depths of inspiration unfurl, guiding my hand and breathing life into each art piece. My artistic prowess has earned recognition and acclaim in the form of a prestigious award. As the proud recipient of the 2023 International Competition Winner of the Artivive and Photopia in Hamburg, Germany, I have cemented my place among the vanguard of visionary artists. You can witness the convergence of art and technology first-hand at my upcoming exhibition, which will be held at the esteemed Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH, from September 21st to September 24th, 2023.

Beyond the confines of exhibitions, my art has graced the spaces of boutique hotels, transforming everything from elevators to penthouses into immersive galleries. With each commissioned project, I embark on a collaborative journey, translating visions into the clients realities. It brings me immense joy to create bespoke art pieces that not only resonate with my clients but also elevate the aesthetic ambiance of their spaces.

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