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AGAC Primary School Category Winner - Mia-Nanke van Heerden - Mona Lisa

AGAC Primary School Category Winner - Mia-Nanke van Heerden - Mona Lisa

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Primary School Winner in the AGAC 2023

- Artist: Mia-Nanke van Heerden

- Name: Mona Lisa

- Size:  715 mm x 555 mm 

- Medium: Acrylic on canvas

- Price: R4,550

Mia-Nanke is a Primary School learner at Jordania and has been awarded as the winner in the Primary School Category in the AGAC Primary School Category. 

About this piece: 

My inspiration was taken from the famous Mona Lisa. I love this artwork from Leonardo da Vinci because of her mysterious smile that intrigued me. You are always wondering what she is implying or suggesting, trying to visualise her emotions.

I exchanged the sombre old dark colours with bright colours that make me feel happy. I am only thirteen years old, and bright colours fill my world and make me feel happy, but I still wanted to keep some of the essence of the original artwork. I filled the background with a landscape of poplar trees to represent my Free State roots since I am living in Bethlehem in the Eastern Free State.

I also dressed her in a pattern dress since I love patterns and to wear unique outfits myself and therefore used red glaze to draw the focus to her facial features.




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