AGAC Top 25 Finalist - Elschen Schnetler - Lady with Proteas
AGAC Top 25 Finalist - Elschen Schnetler - Lady with Proteas
AGAC Top 25 Finalist - Elschen Schnetler - Lady with Proteas
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AGAC Top 25 Finalist - Elschen Schnetler - Lady with Proteas

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Top 25 Finalist in the AGAC 2023

- Artist: Elschen Schnetler

- Name: Lady with Proteas

- Size:  1015 x 760 x 20 mm

- Medium: Acrylic on canvas

- Price: R12, 350

- Framed

Elschen is an emerging South African Artist and she has been awarded as a Top 25 Finalist in the ARTi Gallery Art Competition 2023!  

About this piece: 

Little did I know Klimt and I have a few things in common, as I learned during this journey.

My inspiration was his very last painting, apparently unfinished, but my favourite by far. I even applied gold leaf in honour of Klimt.

This painting is not about depth and perspective, it is rather collective and unique like me, filled with symbolism, colour, and beauty. I had a vision, created a rough sketch, and started painting with motivated intent.

I call this re-imagined artwork “Lady with Proteas” a symbolic tribute to South Africa, one of the world’s most diverse places to experience.

She represents powerful women and all our national treasures. She is mother of all, the beauty in everything we know, and the love in our hearts. She is the roar of every lioness and the strength in every elephant. She stands tall with her young. She is the beauty in our fauna and flora. She is as old as the mountains and as fragile as a blossom. She is as determined with her direction and workload as the dung beetle. She represents the sunrise in her crown and the heritage as symbolised in our South African Coat of Arms. She is grateful and gracious, calm, and yet outrageous. She is a glistening Jewel. God created the heavens and the earth; he created her with all her splendour and devotion. She is unique to the world.

This opportunity has awakened my dormant talents and passion.

About the Artist: 

The best way to explain my God-given artistic talent is simple... I was born this way.

Since 2003, I raised and tutored my son Matthew through school to pass matric in 2022. Now is my time to work and take up my painting again and to enjoy it.   

Therefore, the Arti Gallery National Art Competition couldn’t have come at a better time to reset my artists dreams of exhibiting a painting in an art gallery, this is a dream come true. I grabbed this opportunity with both hands and was determined to create and submit my painting. I am by no means an established artist, but I have what it takes, and this is my new journey.

From a young age I enjoyed anything art. In primary school, I won every art competition I entered.  

In high school I auditioned for the National School of the Arts and was accepted. I met artists and dedicated teachers who allowed one to indulge in all art forms and techniques. It was the best 3 years of my life as I excelled with gold and silver certificates awards and an Honours for art in Matric. 

In past years I worked designing packaging, painted commissioned murals for corporate advertising, restaurants, baby nursery rooms etc.  I bake creative cakes for all occasions and exhibited my very first wedding cake at the Wedding Expo and was chosen for the front cover of the magazine. Many more personally designed wedding and creative cakes followed.

Art is my passion; this I know for sure.

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