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AGAC Top 25 Finalist - Marlie Joubert - Serenity

AGAC Top 25 Finalist - Marlie Joubert - Serenity

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Top 25 Finalist & Best Sculpture Award in the AGAC 2023

- Artist: Marlie Joubert

- Name: Serenity

- Size:  450 mm x 300 mm x 750 mm

- Medium: Concrete sculpture

- Price: R28,236

Marlie is an free-lance South African artist and she has been awarded as a Top 25 Finalist and Best Sculpture Award in the ARTi Gallery Art Competition 2023! 

About this piece: 

I have a great affinity for Botticelli’s art.  It speaks to me emotionally, symbolically and aesthetically.  The character of Venus symbolizes love and is the embodiment of the rebirth of a civilization. This inspired me to create an artwork that focus on an African Venus and the rebirth of our country with love as the foundation and cornerstones.  The artwork aims to evoke feelings of peace, serenity, love and grace.

About the Artist: 

In high school, art class was a therapeutic, safe haven; the teachers were inspiring and understanding. My love of art was cultivated and the seed within started growing.

I was raised by a strong, talented, single mother, which led to my early understanding of God’s ever presence in my life and my dependence on Him.  Writing this, His providence and amazing grace is evident to me.

Working as a waitress from age 15 and continuing after school funded my studies and independent living.

An opportunity to work at DSW under the mentorship of Angus Taylor taught me so much about art but more about life. My life was impacted immensely.

Currently, I’m a mom and freelance artist. I have a wonderful husband and two gorgeous sons. I’m privileged to be part of ‘the lucky few’ having the opportunity to raise a son with different abilities (superpowers), especially empathy for others and resilience. He also happens to have Trisomy 21. I live in an abundance of love.


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