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Original South African Art: Jacqueline Vasjovic Swart - Resilient Reflections: A Journey Through Art

Original South African Art: Jacqueline Vasjovic Swart - Resilient Reflections: A Journey Through Art

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Artist: Jacqueline Vasjovic Swart

Title: Resilient Reflections: A Journey Through Art

Size: 600 mm x 840 mm

Medium: Powder pastels and mixed media

Price: R39,000



Combining "Girl with a Pearl Earring" by Johannes Vermeer with "Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird" by Frida Kahlo isn't merely a blend of two iconic artworks; it's a profound expression of my personal journey and the emotional landscape that has defined the past few years of my life.

These two artworks, each masterpieces in their own right, have held a special place in my heart for different reasons. "Girl with a Pearl Earring" has always captivated me with its enigmatic beauty, the way it captures a fleeting moment frozen in time. On the other hand, Frida Kahlo's "Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird" resonates with me on a deeper, more emotional level. Her self-portraits are a testament to her resilience and her ability to transform pain into art.

The decision to combine these two artworks represents my own journey of rediscovery and healing. After a hiatus of 12 years, I returned to drawing as a way to cope with the profound losses of my father, stepfather, and best friend in just two years. The act of creating art became my solace, my refuge, and a means of navigating the tumultuous seas of grief.

In this fusion of Vermeer's and Kahlo's works, I find symbolism that reflects my own emotional landscape. "Girl with a Pearl Earring" represents the beauty and fragility of life, a reminder that moments of grace can emerge from the most unexpected places. On the other hand, Kahlo's self-portrait embodies strength and resilience, a testament that even in the midst of pain and suffering, we can find the will to endure and create.

This combination is a visual representation of my own transformation through art. It signifies the union of vulnerability and strength, beauty and pain, fragility and resilience. It tells the story of how I found a way to manage my grief and, in the process, discovered the power of self-expression and the healing that can be found in art. Just as Vermeer and Kahlo left their marks on the world through their creations, I hope that my own journey and artistic expression can leave a mark on my own path of healing and self-discovery.

This journey is not about competition; it's a profound rediscovery of art after 12 years. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity, as it has reignited my passion for artistic expression. Without this competition, I may have never embarked on this artistic journey again.

Jacqueline Swart is a South African Artist and a Top 100 finalist in the AGAC 2023. 

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