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Original South African Art: Lisa Koornhof - The Last Supper Re-Imagined

Original South African Art: Lisa Koornhof - The Last Supper Re-Imagined

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Artist: Lisa Koornhof

Title: The Last Supper Re-Imagined

Size: 1450 mm x 750 mm 

Medium: Mixed media: ink, oil pastel, oil paint and acrylic markers on canvas

Price: R19 500



What fascinated me most about "The Last Supper" was not just its initial brilliance but how it evolved over centuries, each passing year leaving its unique mark on the artwork. The very elements that once were viewed as flaws, the marks, cracks and fading pigments have come to find the artworks extraordinary allure Mark-making in the context of recreating the Last Supper has become my primary artistic influence. I have sought to capture that essence of age and deterioration intentionally introducing the "perfections" through my work. I invite viewers to contemplate the profound interplay between creation and decay, beauty and imperfection. It is my hope that viewers will not only see a painting but also witness the poetry of time and in doing so rediscover the enduring beauty that exist in the marks of our own existence. I'm drawn to the intricacies of human perception and the profound impact that time has on our collective memory. In my work, I purposefully employ visual symbolism to explore the enduring nature of wisdom and the gradual erosion of human history from our consciousness. The central theme of this artwork revolves around the figure of Jesus Christ and his disciples' iconic characters whose narratives have shaped civilization for centuries. In my composition I have deliberately allowed the disciples to fade into the background, the artistic choice is a deliberate representation of how the memory of those who have contributed to the spread of the gospel can fade and wither with the years, contrasting with this deliberate fading is the image of Jesus himself that stands for so many as a beacon of unwavering clarity and timelessness.

Lisa Koornhof is a South African Artist and a Top 100 finalist in the AGAC 2023. 

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