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Original South African Art: Riteshni Singh - The Lovers

Original South African Art: Riteshni Singh - The Lovers

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Artist: Riteshni Singh

Title: The Lovers

Size: 900mm x 1200mm 

Medium: Acrylic, wool & pen

Price: R19,500



"The Lovers" was inspired by Gustav Klimts, "the kiss" I chose a mixed race couple in representation of our country. These 2 people uniting shows us how love can be formed through diversity.

The bright colours on the painting and the mismatched patterns, represent all the mixed cultures and ethenicities of our land. I've used a butterfly wing pattern on her dress depicting fragility in both love and war.

The actual use of wool instead of just paint was inspired by Huichol art, which is an art form native to the Huichol people of Mexico. They create intricate artworks using yarn and thread which also have much symbolism behind them. Much like the symbolism of my artwork. 

Riteshni Singh is a South African Artist and a Top 100 finalist in the AGAC 2023.


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