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Rugs: Afghan Handmade Kazaq Carpet 311 x 199 CM

Rugs: Afghan Handmade Kazaq Carpet 311 x 199 CM

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Afghan Kazaq Carpet
Make: Handmade
Size: 311 x 199 CM
Origin : Afghanistan


Kazaks are known for their indigo blues, reds and ivories, as well as their casual and warm appearance. Our Kazak rugs are almost entirely naturally-dyed, however, Kazak natural dyes are commercially farmed natural dyes (such as indigo and cochineal) and are therefore less labor intensive for our artisans than hand-gathered natural dyes.
Kazaks are known for their casual and warm appearance.

The reason for the phrase “almost entirely naturally-dyed” is because some artisans choose to augment their natural dyes with some commercially-available dyes in order to create the precise color they desire. The wool in Kazaks, like the wool found in Chobis and Gabbehs, is hand spun using a drop-spindle.

We will send you certificate of authenticity with the carpet.

  1. The photos may show the carpet slightly brighter than what it actually is.

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