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Rugs: Iranian Kashan Carpet 400 X 295cm

Rugs: Iranian Kashan Carpet 400 X 295cm

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Beautiful Top Quality Kashan Carpet
Make: Handmade
Size: 400 X 295cm
Origin: Iran


This Fine quality Persian carpet is one of the first carpet made 100s of years ago beside Isfahan, Qom, Kermaan and Tabriz carpet.

The oldest Kashan carpet available in one of the museums in USA is returning back to year 1100.

The name of the carpet is taken from the name of the city where they are made in and also it’s coming in different qualities and colors.

People of Kashan are using the detailed traditional design, with mostly Medalian design  featured with different flowers, pots and art works beside multi colors which gives the carpet a perfect look and clarity of the details.

 We will send you certificate of authenticity with the carpet.

  1. The photos may show the carpet slightly brighter than what it actually is.

PS2: Please view all photos to avoid any inconvenience.

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