Art Competition T&C's


  1. Format of the competition
  1. It is a national competition and any artist at any level from the age of 5 can participate in ARTi Gallery’s National Art Competition.
  2. In order to qualify, artists are required to submit at least one artwork with the correct criteria via e-mail and can submit as many as they would like.
  3. 100 entries will be selected in the first round, during the second round 50 entries will be chosen, then on the third round, the top 25 works that go through will need to be shipped or sent by courier to ARTi gallery where the winner will be announced on the Gala Event. The first, second and third round selected artists will be notified via e-mail.
  4. The above-mentioned top 25 selected artworks will make up the final exhibition, along with the winner until the 15th of February 2024.
  5. Anyone under the age of 18 who is attending school, must please write the name of their school on the entry form as there will be an amazing prize given to the school with the most entries.


  1. Entries
  1. There is no maximum number of artworks that can be entered.
  2. Once you have purchased your entry, you have securely been entered and no refunds will be given for withdrawing any time thereafter under any circumstances. 
  3. The theme of the competition is "Re-imagine an Old Master". Therefore, you have to create your own original artwork inspired by an Old Master created between the timeline of 1200 and 1950. 
  4. This can be of ANYTHING - it doesn't have to be a face or portrait; it can be a landscape or anything, as long as it's inspired by an old master between the period 1200 and 1950.
  5. For every artwork entered a separate entry form must be “purchased”, completed, and sent in.
  6. The entries will open on the 27th of March 2023, and will close on the 10th of NOvember at midnight. (See Point 8 below for an amendment to this date)
  7. No late submissions will be accepted.
  8. The closing date may be postponed at the judges' discretion. 
  9. *UPDATE - 26 October 2023 - An extension for entries and submissions has been granted to the 10th of November 2023 at midnight.
  10. The top 25 selections to be shipped and/or couriered to ARTi Gallery, Klerksdorp, South Africa. The exact address will be provided to the top 25. The top 25 artworks need to reach ARTi Gallery by the 31st of November 2023.
  11. The Gala event will take place on the 9th of December 2023 at the ARTi Gallery.
  12. When filling out the entry form, it is essential that all fields are completed. Failure to complete all fields will result in an entry being disqualified.
  13. Any artist aged 5 to 125 years may enter the competition. Entrants younger than 18 need the consent of their guardians.
  14. Any skilled artist may enter.
  15. Genres of art accepted for the competition include Paintings, Sketches (including pencil, ink pen, pastels, and charcoal), Printmaking, Sculptures, Wall hanging 3D art in any medium. 
  16. Digital artists may enter as a sub-category. It will not be judged alongside the physical art. It will be separately judged within its category. A sponsored iPad will be awarded as the prize, with all specifications subject to the sponsor's discretion.
  17. Digital artists must provide working drawing screenshots or time-lapses of working drawings.
  18. No AI-generated art or performance art may be entered.  
  19. Please do NOT sign your artwork itself on the front, you may sign it on the back until after the competition.


  1. The prizes
  1. There are 3 prizes for the competition - first, second, and third prizes.
  2. The second and third-prize awards will be announced at the gala event.
  3. We will highly encourage the top 25 selected artists to be at the Gala event on the evening when the winner will be announced, and the top 25 chosen artworks being exhibited.
  4. All top 25 artists will receive an accolade in the form of a highly commended transcript and award.
  5. The successful recipient of the Most Prestigious Award shall be entitled to a total sum of either R200,000.00 or the lower limit of seventy percent of the earnings, a highly commendable decision that reflects the objectivity and impartiality of the awarding process. Second and Third prizes may include cash but are not limited to cash. 
  6. The prizes may be split according to the judge's discretion and no correspondence will be entered into; the judge's decision will be final. 
  7. For the Top 25 finalists, your artwork MUST be present at the ARTi Gallery Gala Event in order to qualify as a winner.
  8. We want the artists to be recognized for their work and be awarded and afforded the opportunity to excel in the local National Art Community.
  9. The winner’s artwork will be published in at least one printed media publication. It will be announced and showcased on social media and several national platforms.
  10. ARTi Gallery's unwavering commitment to providing emerging artists with the resources, support, and opportunities they need to achieve their artistic potential is reflected in its innovative prize structure, which emphasizes skill-building, collaboration, and networking to position artists for success in the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary art.
  11. The winner will have an option of taking up a solo exhibition in the ARTi Gallery within a five-year period of winning the prize.
  12. If a prize winner elects not to accept the prize or is unable to do so for any reason whatsoever, ARTi Gallery and its partner may offer the prize to another participant at their discretion, with the result that the refusing winner will forfeit the prize and/or any portion thereof. The prize can under no circumstances be exchanged or swopped in any manner or form. The prizes might include a cash amount and goods or supplies, to the discretion of the sponsors.
  13. The artist, by submitting their entry to the competition, confirms that they have fully read and comprehended all terms and conditions of entry and all the information presented to the artist in the entry form and accept them without reservation, acknowledging that such acceptance is a prerequisite for participation in the competition.
  14. Winners will be responsible for the collection of any prizes. 


  1. Conditions of entry
  1. Artists must submit all entry details and requirements, including the artwork, online.
  2. Completing all fields when submitting an entry is mandatory, as failure to do so will automatically disqualify the entry.
  3. Payment for multiple entries can be made at once, but artists must submit every entry in separate emails and use the order number provided at check out.
  4. Adjudication of entries occurs upon online submission.
  5. The ARTi Gallery art competition sets the stage for the top 25 to promote their work by exhibiting at the ARTi Gallery in Klerksdorp, South Africa as well as on their online Art Gallery. All works must be made available for sale for 90 days from the Gala evening. The artist will determine the selling price, which must be market related. ARTi will add 30% on your price and that will be the sale price at ARTi Gallery and ARTi Gallery online for the above-mentioned period.
  6. The Top ten finalists will not be charged the 30% commission.
  7. The ARTi art competition is open to everyone aged 5 to 125 years old. All artists, those with formal training, as well as self-taught artists, are given an equal opportunity to participate in the competition.
  8. The adjudication and selection of artworks are done from the online entries. Adjudication of all artworks is done by an independent panel of experts of adjudicators appointed by the partners.
  9. Each adjudicator is chosen for their particular field of expertise within the visual arts, including sculpture, painting, digital, printmaking and so forth, and each contributes to the assessment of what is deemed to be quality.
  10. The criteria for the adjudication revolve around matters of technical execution, conceptual and thematic engagement, freshness of artistic vision within the context of contemporary art, and finally – and probably the most difficult element – aesthetic appeal.
  11. There are 5 extra competition points that are achievable, by using the hashtags promoting and sharing the competition’s promotional material on your social media platforms, groups, and different pages. The auditors are going to look at how many shares of the promotional material there were from the finalist's accounts combined, by tracking the hashtags to the entrants' account. The entrants can start sharing NOW to gain Extra points. 
    - Use only these 3 Hashtags:
    #makingdreamscometrueinafrica                                                            **Please remember also to include your social media account names and handles on your entry form/body of your email.                                                ***Please do NOT share your submitted artwork or progress thereof on social media or the internet, ONLY the competition information. 


  1. Personal information
  1. ARTi Gallery (and/or their competition partners) will only collect, store and use your personal information, such as your name, age, telephone number and email address for the purposes of entering you, as the entrant, into the competition and for the purpose of administering the draw as set out in these rules.
  2. Your personal information will be held on record for a short period of time, as necessary to administer the competition, and will then then be securely destroyed. We fully comply with the POPI act.


6. Format for submissions and which works may be entered

    1. All submissions must be sent via e-mail to in the form of clear pictures not more than 4 pictures of the artwork each with a maximum size of 2MB, together with a copy of the identity card - max 1MB, being a driver’s license, identity document or passport or birth certificate. In the case of minors (under 18’s) the identity of the guardian must also be included, the registration form completed and signed max 1MB, in the body of the e-mail please write a description of your artwork and elaborate in order for the adjudicators to understand your work in not less than 125 words and not more than 250 words. Also, mention the artist and the name of the artwork whose work you reimagined and include a picture of not more than 2MB of the original artwork that you have referenced. In total, the e-mail should not be more than 11MB. We are expecting hundreds of entries from artists, and we need to take all entrants into consideration and make administration as streamlined as possible.
    2. Last but not least, attach the entry proof of payment if paid via EFT max 1MB or order number provided when paid online, must be submitted. In the case of EFT payment, the reference must be the artist’s full name and surname as provided in the identity document.
    3. Please name your files as follows: Your final artwork - "order no - name of artwork", ID - "Order number - ID - full names", Entry Form: "Order number - full names", Additional images of your work: "order number - artwork name 1/2/3", Original Old Master image: "Order number - Original". 


Image of your final artwork: "3524 - Mona Lisa Re-imagined" \ entry form: "3524 - Cindy Louw" etc.

4. Each file must be sent as an attachment as a separate image in .jpg/.png format, the entry form and ID can be a .pdf.

5. E-mail subject line should be in this format, disqualification for the competition may occur if not sent correctly.

6. AGAC* – Your Order number, your name and surname, your artwork's original name, your artwork’s original artist, the year in which the artwork was originally produced, medium of art entered, size entered in millimeters.

 *AGAC: ARTI Gallery Art Competition.


AGAC – Your Order No, Joe Smith, Mona Lisa, Leonardo DaVinci, 1503-1519, recycled bottle caps on canvas, 800mm x 1000mm.

7. A submission of an artwork as an entry without a filled-out registration form, identity document, order number (online payments), or proof of payment (EFT payments) will not be deemed as a successful entry until all documents are supplied. It is recommended that all items be sent in one e-mail. Information sent in different e-mails may lead to the disqualification of the entry, because of the administration confusion that it may create. Each entrant will receive an e-mail back stating whether their entry has been successful or not. A maximum of 4 photos may be sent for a single entry from different angles each picture being not more than 2MB, please ensure that this is correct. Pictures larger than the specified size will lead to disqualification. If you have purchased more than one registration form online - please label your submissions as follows: "order number/1" - "order number/2" etc. and submit each artwork with all documents in separate emails. 

8. The work entered must be your own original work of art, created any time before the closing date of 10 November 2023.

9. The entrant's work may have been previously entered into a competition or exhibited, but not displayed or marketed on any internet platform including apps and social media apps and platforms.

10. Only original artworks may be entered.

11. Entries in any medium will be accepted, subject to the following requirements:

12. A single artwork that needs to be hung, must be the minimum size of the entry may be an A4 size (210 x 297mm) to the maximum size A0 (841x1189mm) and must not weigh more than 15kg, including the frame.

13. Sculptures, including the base, may not exceed a mass of 50kg. The size of the sculpture must not be larger than 1m x 2m and must pass through a standard-sized single door. It must be able to be handled with ease without damaging it so easily by only setting it up for display. Although all possible measures will be taken to handle all artworks with absolute care and only under the supervision of the curator. Please make the sculptures very sturdy.

14. Works of art that consist of several parts, including the frames, must not be larger than 1m x 2m and must not have a combined hanging weight of more than 50kg. The individual pieces making up the artwork must pass through a standard-sized single door.

15. No installation artwork or performance art will be accepted.

16. Artworks must be of such a nature that they can easily be packed, transported and exhibited. The selection panel and/or organisers have the right to refuse to accept artworks that are difficult to hang, install, transport or handle.

17. The selection panel and/or organisers have the right to refuse to accept or display artworks, which they are of the opinion, are dangerous or potentially dangerous, or of a nature that may cause injury or damage to persons or goods.

18. No artwork will be accepted that incites hate speech and propaganda or violence against race, creed, gender or sexual orientation or religion.

19. No artwork created by more than one entrant/artist will be accepted.

20. All artwork entered must be for sale. The selling price must remain the same as the selling price reflected on the online registration form plus commission.

21. All artworks must be exhibition-ready. If an entrant’s artworks are selected, they must immediately be ready for transport to the ARTi Gallery, Klerksdorp, South Africa at the artist’s costs and returned after 90 days if not sold also at the artist’s own expense. If not picked up within 30 days after closing of the exhibition, ARTi will accept the artwork as a donation to ARTi Gallery and will be auctioned up for charity. 


  1. Preparation of the works of art
  1. Preparation of artworks:

    - Top 25's artworks, framed or unframed, must have a secure hanging system; without it, the artwork cannot be displayed and may be disqualified. Minimum Canvas thickness for unframed works is 35mm.
    -If you frame oil and acrylic paintings do not use glass if it is painted on board or canvas. To see and feel the texture can count in your favour and sell your artwork faster.
    - ONLY Charcoal, watercolor, gouache, soft pastels, and pencils and 3D art need to be framed, especially for art on paper susceptible to damage or smudging. ARTi gallery is not responsible for damages if unframed and without perspex to cover the artwork.
    - When framed, it's advisable to use Perspex instead of glass to avoid potential damage. Artworks with broken glass upon arrival cannot be exhibited.

    - Oil paintings must be touch dry, and wet works are not accepted. The physical art for Top 25 is only required by 30 November 2023.
    - To speed up drying, artists can use Kryola Instant quick-dry spray for oil paint it dries in minutes with a few layers sprayed on or place the artwork in direct sunlight, a very hot room, or in front of a blowing heater on the highest setting.
    - Mixing oil paint with Zelkin Zel-Kol can accelerate drying time by weeks.

  2. Artworks that are selected must be available for four months from the closing date of entries, which includes the three month’s exhibition. All efforts will be made by the Artists to have the artworks returned as soon as possible after the final exhibition closes.


  1. Dispatch, copyright and sales, damage and/or loss, risk
  1. All artworks are to be available for sale. ARTi Gallery reserves the right to first offer.
  2. Entrants are responsible, both practically and financially, for packaging the artworks that are included in the final exhibition. The organisers undertake to dispatch and wrap works of art submitted for final exhibition in bubble wrap, boxes and crates in the same as when it arrived. 
  3. ARTi Gallery and its partners reserve the right to reproduce artworks that are entered, without compensation to the entrants, for inclusion in a catalogue or for the advertising or documenting of the ARTi Gallery’s art competition.
  4. If any artworks are selected for the final exhibition, entrants will not be allowed to withdraw any of the artworks selected for any reason whatsoever. Withdrawal of any artwork will result in automatic disqualification of the entrant.


  1. General
  1. Adjudication will be based on the online entry.
  2. The adjudicators’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  3. Judges will be announced during the month of November 2023.
  4. ARTi Gallery and its partners are entitled to amend the terms and conditions thereof in so far as same is deemed necessary and such amendments may relate to any aspect of such competition, which may include the addition and/or deletion of any existing and/or proposed terms and conditions of the competition, which amendments may also affect but not limited to the cash stipend of such competition.
  5. The proposed amendments may be effected prior to the starting date of the competition and during the competition period, which amendments may result in the competition period being extended as deemed necessary and it is the participant’s responsibility to regularly check the website where the competition rules are made available for any amendments.
  6. No participant will have any recourse or claim against ARTi Gallery or its partners as a result of any amendment to these terms and conditions or as a result of ARTi Gallery’s cancellation, termination or suspension of the competition and/or amendment of the prize.
  7. On being announced as one of the winners of the ARTi Gallery’s winning artists will be required to sign an agreement with ARTi Gallery accepting the terms and conditions of the prize, on how, what, when etc.
  8. All people entering this competition (the entrants) agree that the competition rules as set out in these terms and conditions are binding on them.
  9. Entrants acknowledge that they have been given enough time to read these terms and conditions before entering into this competition. Entrants are aware of all the terms therein and by entering the competition, acknowledge as such.
  10. Enquiries - or 082 302 2369 (Michelle Thöle-van Zyl)